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Upper Back Pain Causes

Statistically speaking, it is said that about 90% of people have experienced back pain at some point in their life. For adult and aging individual, it is commonly felt during the stage that different health problems started to pop out. For busy people whose work is physically demanding, this may give your back a strain that it can no longer handle resulting to having the pain. There are actually a lot of possible reasons on why each of us has experienced back pain. The back part of our body is divided into parts when determining the location of the pain. They are the pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. With these, we will focus on the thoracic pain also known as the upper back pain.

Upper back pain can be felt from the area between the shoulders up to the back of the ribs. The role of our upper back in supporting the upper part of the body’s weight may often times cause the pain. Muscle strain, and soft tissue problems are also some of the possible reasons why back pain may arise. Below we listed some of the usual source of upper back pain. Check and see, where your pain is coming from the list and start to learn on how to improve it to remove and prevent it from coming back:

1. Improper posture and movements – This includes a person’s position or stance and how they use their back in moving. Examples are:

  1. Incorrect bending of the back
  2. Bad posture in sitting or standing
  3. Sitting and standing for a long time
  4. Sleeping in a wrong and uncomfortable position

2. Weak muscle and body strength – Is the most common reasons on why a person experiences back pain. This is true most especially if you are one of those who do not exert some effort to exercise and strengthen your body. The muscle and other parts of the back that surrounds the spine when weak can cause pain in just a little force exerted in doing a thing. And since the upper back serves as a support to carry weight in our body, it is not impossible that one can feel this often. 

3. Repetitive movement – When your job requires you to use most of your upper back in doing most of the time, overuse of it is a possible cause of the pain. Individual who have muscle sprain due to its repetitive use, would have difficulty moving it. 

4. Accident and injury that causes the upper part of your back to receive an impact from hitting something or due to a wrong movement. Moreover, extreme use of the back when it comes to sports results to aches that when not treated can worsen. 

5. Muscle spasms are also seen to cause pain in the upper back. It is an involuntary movement that results to a muscle strain. 

6. Herniated Disc is a problem wherein a ripped part of the outer part of the intervertebral disc allowing an opening for the soft portion in its center to bulge out. 

7. Osteoarthritis – is a disease affecting the joints making individual experience tenderness in the area, locking and pain. This can be inherited or have just developed due to aging and other diseases such as diabetes and inflammation disease. 

8. Fibromyalagia arises pain in the muscle and connective body tissues. No definite answers were yet found on what causes one to have such condition. In this regard, the cure given to a patient is basically to handle the symptoms that he or she is experiencing in relation to this medical disorder. 

9. Osteoporosis – may affect not just the upper back. It causes pain for once the bones are weaken, your upper back that serves as support to carry body’s weight may have difficulty performing its job. 

10. Big-breasted ladies also tend to experience upper back pain. This is for the fact that this part of the back helps in pulling the weight of the front/ bust.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table -- Top Rated Body Champ Inversion Table

Suffering from back pain and stiffness? Body Champ inversion table uses the consistent force of gravity to naturally decompress and relieve spinal pain. Repeated days of being on the go and on your feet can lead to spinal aches and stiffness. Help eliminate the financial stress of repeatedly purchasing pain medication by trying inversion therapy. Long used as spinal pain reliever, inversion therapy turns you upside down to let gravity pull at your spine the opposite way, taking the weight off the base of the spine and elongating downward (upward) towards the neck and shoulders. This practice stretches the space between vertebrae, alleviating tightened and compressed spinal nerves. Many believe this is a great way to diminish a slouchy posture, which is notorious for causing lower back stiffness. It can also relieve stress on the hips and pelvic joints by redistributing the weight that the bottom of the spine has to carry.

Chronic back pain sufferers use inversion table therapy to great extent, and although it does not cure the underlying problem of what is causing the pain, it is a welcome temporary relief to anyone who can relate to continual, troublesome back pain.

Body Champ Inversion Table  is ready to alleviate and relax your back pain and problems. One of the best, yet most affordable Inversion Therapy tables on the market, Body Champ will have you standing tall with the relieving feeling of reduced, subdued, or absolutely no back pain.

Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table is easy to transport and set up, and folds away for easy storage. Safety ankle straps and table lock mechanisms keep you securely harnessed to the table, assuring safety and comfort while inverted. Body Champ also adjusts for varied height accommodations, enabling almost anyone to gain access relief.

Consistent 5 Star consumer and critic product reviews mean this inversion table is one of the best, yet most basic and simplest to use, on the market. While most inversion therapy tables retail for upwards of $200, Body Champ inversion table sells for the low price of $99.98 (with free shipping through, which means you too can afford to have this pain relieving piece of medical equipment in the privacy of your own home, available for immediate and convenient use.

Thousands of Body Champ inversion table have been sold throughout the US, bringing relief and comfort to back pain sufferers across the country. If you suffer from chronic back pain and stiffness, take the next step by purchasing a Body Champ inversion therapy table will help get you on the way to relief today.


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