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What Do You Do For Burning Side Back Pain?
05.04.2017 16:56

Symptoms of Back-Related Side, Upper or Middle Back Pain

When you have pain on one side of your back or the other, half the time, trauma is the cause of your back pain. The other half that pain in your side is from something deeper, usually associated with other symptoms – and different than what you’d typically have with a back injury.


If you’ve not really had any trauma or injury to your back or side, and your workplace ergonomics seem pretty good, then go see the doctor ASAP to make sure you don’t have any of these more serious or “Red Flag” conditions.

Differential Diagnosis – Non-back Causes

There are many other possible causes:

Kidney problems (kidney stones, kidney infections) – these most often give radiating pain to the groin and may give fever or chills

Heart attack – chest pain is not the only symptom of a myocardial infarction. Atypical pains – including side back pain do occur. If you have a family history or are at-risk this should be checked out by a doctor ASAP

Herpes zoster – Shingles – the severe pain is often in a band around the side of your back or ribs. The telltale skin rash soon shows up. There is a treatment for this if caught early

Infections in men’s and women’s sex organs – If you’re at risk, this should be checked as well

Deeper spine problems like – herniated discs, bone spurs, facet arthritis conditions

How Safe Is It to Conclude Your Upper Back or Mid-back Pain Is Just Back Strain or Pulled Muscle?

If there’s been some kind of trauma, even a few weeks ago, most of the time you’ll feel direct tenderness – maybe even muscle spasms – over the injured area.

When you have a history of minor trauma like this – and direct muscle tenderness (not much bone tenderness) – you’re a good candidate for ice pack treatment.

You’ll be safest if you take a minute to rule-out the Red Flags of back pain or see your doctor to review them.

Cold Therapy – Best Home Therapy For Side Back Pain

Ice packs or cold therapy usually works best – and the sooner the better. Sports medicine doctors like me have found that icing with a crushed ice-pack and a touch of water mixed-in is often better tolerated than the colored gel packs.

Here are the steps to fast pain-relief:

Mix crushed ice (or small cubes) in a rubberized or plastic bag with 2-3 seconds of tap water

Carefully squeeze as much excess air out of the bag as possible and seal the cap

Apply to the most painful area of side back pain on your right or left side for 30 minutes

Take a 90-120 minute break and then repeat


Icing Cuts Pain by Up to 50%

Research has shown that this cold therapy cuts pain by 50% almost immediately. You might think this is good only when the injury is only and inch or two beneath the skin. Cold therapy has even been found effective in total knee replacement patients where the bones are sawn-off deeper inside the joint. So I use cold therapy for many cases of acute back pain, too.

If cold therapy and extra-strength acetaminophen (Tylenol) don’t give you enough pain control, it’s time to bring out the ‘Big Guns.’ In 2010, there are some new clinically-tested approaches that give faster, better, safer back pain-relief.

95.2% Relief With New Approach – Pain Meds Targeted DIRECTLY Where the Pain Is!

In 2010, research shows you get the fastest, safest back pain-relief with targeted-delivery. Pain medication in a cream, gel or patch applied directly to the most painful area of your back. There are several options, some work faster, some work longer. Some are cheaper and over-the-counter.

So Go Watch the Video Now to Get Pain-Relief in 47 Minutes or Less. 95.2% back pain relief could be as close as your Health Food Store.



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